Your very own selection of totally awesome photo booth props are included in every All-Inclusive Package. Above are some highlight photos of our recent private events. Click on any of the photos to see them enlarged.


Dressing up and getting creative with photo booth props is definitely the most fun aspect of having a photo booth at your event. That is why we include all props in your Photo Boothique experience. Your guests will love our photo booth props so much that it will be hard to get them out of the booth! Supplying your own photo booth props can cost hundreds of dollars and take a lot of time to organise.  Also, if you are having a special themed event and require certain photo booth props or a custom made background, we will do our best to supply this without any extra cost to you. We do this so that we can add to our collection of photo booth props and backgrounds for future events. We will work together with you to make your Photo Boothique experience, and event, unique.

If you love these photos and would like to enquire about one of our packages for your event, don’t hesitate to call, message or email us. Click here for contact deets.