One of the great free services we offer at Photo Boothique is a free custom layout for all

photo booth packages, even the Naked Deal Package. Just send us an image from your event invitations

or an image you have picked from the internet, or a design file from your graphic designer, and we will

carefully place that onto the layout for your photo strips. You can also choose a background colour

or image as well. If you just want simple plain text instead of a logo or monogram, just tell us so

that we can write it directly onto the layout.

You can also design your own logo on the microsoft paint (or equivalent for mac) or illustrator if

you have some design skills. There are some requirements for sending files:

  •  The file must be in png or jpeg format
  •  The design should be about 40mm wide by 30-35mm high, or equivalent in pixels
  •  Very small writing will not be visible. Try to imagine the design in its real size on the strip. If you are unsure we can do a mock up and email back to you, and we will probably tell you if it does not look right.
  •  The border around the photos on the strip is very thin to maximise the size of the photo. This can be altered to add a decorative border, but the wider the border, the smaller the photos will print on the strip.
  • The strips are half the size of a normal photo, cut down the middle – a normal 6×4 inch photo cut lengthways. Each strip is therefor 2 inches wide and 6 inches long and includes 4 photos or 3 photos with a logo.

Customised layouts look really great and add a very personalised touch that looks very professional,

however, you may prefer to stick to the plain 4 photo strip, as these can look really good in the album.

If you want the best of both worlds, opt for a logo on one strip, and 4 photos on the other side. This is easily

customised to maximise the benefits of having a logo strip for your guest to choose and and plain strip for

the album. However, it has been my experience that the guests like to keep the 4 photo strip and stick the

logo strip in the album! Either way, your guests will enjoy our photo booth so much at your event.

Being able to keep the photo from the night is just a bonus.

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