Frequently Asked Questions

What does the booth look like? Is it open? How big?

There are 2 styles of booth currently available. One is a vintage inspired mini marquee and the other is a more modern sleek and simple cubicle style. The vintage one is closed but you can peer in the sides. The modern one is more open with a white backdrop and sheer curtaining around the sides. A red curtain is optional. The machine can be left open without an enclosure but must be against a wall for safety. Both are 1.5m x 1.5m on the floor. The modern one fits under any standard ceiling, and the vintage one requires a slightly higher ceiling at 2.7m high at the apex. Check out the gallery for photos of both styles.


Is travel and delivery free? Where do you travel?

Yes, travel is free for bookings of every package, within 35 kms of Camberwell, where we are based. Travel may be free for events further than this depending on other circumstances and is subject to the discretion of Photo Boothique Management. In most cases extra costs are not incurred for delivery and travel. For events very far away, a reasonable price will be offered for extra travel expenses. We frequently travel to the Mornington Peninsula, The Yarra Valley, Mount Dandenong, Cragieburn, Sunbury and Melton. Everywhere in between is well within our travel limits.


Is set up included in the hours booked?

In most cases the photo booth will be delivered 90 minutes before the event starts. This allows for time to park and set up before guests arrive. This does not come out of your purchased hire time – your purchased hire time starts from when you choose the booth to open, to when it is closed and switched off for pack up. The booth will be packed down at the end of the event. If the event goes for an hour longer or more than the hire time, the booth may be packed down during the event. Please mention this when booking – it is often a better idea to start the booth later and finish at the end of the event, as this is when guests are more likely to let loose in the booth.


Are your photos good quality? What camera is used? What printer is used?

The photos and prints are the highest quality available. The booth has been designed with the best lighting for taking clear, vibrant and flattering shots of your guests. Take a look at our gallery to see the photo and print quality.

There are 2 cameras available. One is a high definition digital camera and the other is a DSLR camera. Both take extremely good quality photos, however the DSLR camera takes slightly better ones for reprinting in larger formats when you receive your digital copy of all the prints. The DSLR one is recommended for weddings. Please mention this when you book if it is important to you.

The printer used is a Japanese Dye Sublimation Printer – the standard model that most photo booths use. The printer shoots out 2 strips, double strips, automatically within 14 seconds. It is extremely reliable as it does not run out of ink, or jam up. The print lasts more than 100 years and is coated in a glossy photo coating that is water proof and smudge proof.


Does it Print out 2 strips?

YES. Like traditional photo booths, ours AUTOMATICALLY prints out DOUBLE strips within 14 seconds so that your guests can keep one, and one strip can go in the album. If you require more prints, because our booth fits more than just 2 people in the booth, the booth has a quick and easy reprint function that allows as many reprints as required – just ask the attendant.


Can I customise the message, logo and layout?

ABSOLUTELY. When you book you will be asked to specify if you require a monogram, logo or personalised message for your photos. This service is offered for free for every booking as it does not take us long to organise. Just send a .png or .jpeg image that is the equivalent of 30mm x 40mm or 115 px by 150 px.

Examples of the many layouts we have done are on the gallery page.

Backgrounds or borders are not really necessary as the photos themselves take up most of the space on the print. However, if you have your heart set on a layout design, please let us know what you need.


Is it true that you have the best props?

At Photo Boothique we pride ourselves on having a great selection of props so your guests can make the most of the photo booth experience. In our experience, props are absolutely essential – and the sillier the props, the better. We also provide some elegant props on sticks if you prefer that. Some guests prefer the props on sticks as well, so as to not ruin their hair and makeup. Our prop selection is ever changing as they are sourced from many different places and constantly renewed when lost and damaged. For this reason, we do not have a prop list, nor can we guarantee what exactly the prop selection will be. We can promise that there will be a selection of hats, wigs, masks, glasses and other novelties, including props on sticks. If you only want props on sticks, please notify us of this. If you have a particular theme in mind, we will try to cater for that and source some appropriate pieces to suit the theme.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

In most cases, yes. We do not believe in keeping your money if you do not require our services. However, Photo Boothique requires 2 weeks notice of cancellation prior to the event, in writing to receive the money paid minus the deposit. The deposit will be kept for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event booking. The whole amount paid will be refundable before 30 days of the event.


Why are your prices better than everyone else's? Is there a catch?

Photo Boothique was started with the goal of delivering a better photo booth experience for a better price. Photo Boothique keeps its costs low because we make and do everything ourselves – from the creation of the unique marquee style booth, to the website, advertising, marketing and management. All these cost savings are passed on to the customer so that you can have the best photo booth experience for the best price.

There is no catch. We have had hundreds of happy customers over the last 2 years, and we keep on looking for ways to improve our product and service.


What is the booking process?

The booking process is simple and straight forward. I will send you a short list of questions about your event:

• Date and times of the event
• Times that you would like the photo booth in operation
• Would you like the album, props and attendant?
• Venue name and address
• Event coordinator contact details
• Your phone number and address
• Any special requests or instructions for set up

Once we have these details we can send you an invoice that also serves as your booking form and booking confirmation. You can then choose to pay the full amount up front, in instalments, or as a deposit and final payment closer to the event date. We understand that budgeting for special events can be hard so we leave it up to you to pay at your convenience. We will send you a receipt for every payment made, but please notify us if you have not received one.

It may be easier for you to liaise with your event manager to decide the location of the photo booth and other details, but we will contact the venue the week before to confirm delivery times.

There is not a lot more to it. You give us the time and place and we will be there, ready to go. If you require a logo or customised layout, you will need to send it to us in the week prior to the event, or earlier.


Can I have a discount please?

At Photo Boothique, we have always tried to keep our prices as low as possible, while also keeping in mind the work and costs that go into running the business. The prices we offer are far below most other companies’ prices, and we have been told by countless customers that the quality of our booths and the level of service we offer outperforms our competition in many ways. We offer many aspects of the service for no added fee.

We will always try to customise a package price that suits your budget and event needs, and sometimes we offer special deals on our Facebook page. However we do not usually offer discounts unless it is for: a charity event; an event held Monday to Thursday; or for multiple bookings.

Is your booth better than the other one my friend had at her wedding?

We have heard the stories. Customers tell us all the time how the other photo booths they have seen had:

bad lighting;  pixelated prints;  blurry photos;   only fit 2 people sitting;   cost over $1000 for 3 hours; 

been attended by people wearing shorts;   arrived late;   broke down with no one to fix it;  less visual appeal.

We take your special event seriously and do everything we can to deliver the best service and product so that your guests will have the best time and you will get an amazing keepsake of your special event.

If you are not happy with any aspect, please contact us straight away with your suggestions for improvement.

When are payments required?

Payment of the deposit is required to lock in your event date. Your date will be reserved until the payment is received. You may pay the deposit whenever it is convenient for you. If another customer wishes to book on your date, you will be contacted and asked to lock in the date with a deposit. Final payments of the remaining fee must be received, at the latest, one week before the event date. Final payments may be paid in instalments if that is  preferred. Please notify us if you make a payment so that we can check if it has been received, and send you a receipt. A receipt will be sent for every payment made.


Does the attendant require a meal?

Yes, please supply the attendant with a meal if you have booked an attendant. Please notify the venue manager that there will  be an attendant and that a meal is required. The night can be long and there are not always food outlets available for us to purchase food, so a meal supplied by the venue is very much appreciated.